7 jun. 2013

Comebacks #1 - Overalls

Hi guys,

Today I will start this new section called "Comebacks" with a piece that reminds me of my high school days and my sweet sixteen: Overalls! I want to know what are your thoughts about this trend loved by "it" girls and celebrities. Personally I don't think I will buy one now. In fact last summer I went to my parent's house and while I was throughing away old clothes I saw a khaki overall (in very good conditions) but I gave it away. I don't regret it! 


Hola chic@s! Hoy comienza una nueva sección en blog llamada "Comebacks" con una prenda que me recuerda a mi época del colegio: Overalls! Me gustaría saber que opinan de esta tendencia adorada por las "it" girls y celebrities. Personalmente no creo que me compre uno ahora. De hecho, el verano pasado estuve en casa de mis padres y mientras estaba tirando ropa vieja encontré un overall color caqui que estaba en muy buenas condiciones pero decidí regalarlo y no me arrepiento!
Oh! and I want to thank you all because my blog reached 10,000 unique visits this week. I know it's not that much but it means a lot to me. =)